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Be prepared

A few tips to make your visit more enjoyable

If you’ve not visited The St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival previously, here are some tips that may help you….

  • There is access for wheelchairs and disabled visitors on the bottom level of the site next to the river, including the box office and toilets in the Marina building. exhibition Due to the terrain, there is no disabled access to the higher levels of the auditorium from the river level. See our Accessibility page for more information.

  • Parts of the theatre are steep, and the terraces are grass-covered, so we advise visitors to wear sensible footwear.

  • Saturday afternoon performances can be very hot, we suggest you wear a hat for comfort and bring an umbrella for shade or in case of a shower. Because of social distancing, there will be no auditorium large umbrellas this season.  Umbrellas will be available at our Castle Kiosk.

  • In common with standard theatre practice, money can only be refunded if a performance is cancelled for non-weather reasons. Ticket exchange only if cancelled for weather-related reasons.

  • If the weather looks dodgy for a performance, check our website, we'll keep you updated.  It's rare for a performance to be cancelled before at least 2 hours prior to the show.

  • We regret that no dogs other than service dogs will be admitted to performances.

  • We don't like to turn anyone away from our shows, but some visitors are less welcome than others! We have a mosquito trap placed in the amphitheatre, which makes a big difference, but if you are particularly sensitive to mosquitoes you might want to bring some insect repellant with you, just in case.

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