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Legacy giving ensures St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival's future security and artistic freedom.


Making a legacy – or a gift through your estate – means that you designate the gift to the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival now, but we receive it in the future. Most legacy gifts are bequests: gifts established in someone’s Will. Such a gift would allow your estate to realize tax savings in the future. Usually, these gifts enable people to make a more substantial contribution than they could during their lifetimes. That means a gift in your Will would have a deep impact on the future of our Festival and the performing arts. After first taking steps to ensure your loved ones and heirs are cared for through your estate, a charitable gift designated through your estate to our Festival can be a truly exceptional way to create a legacy for the arts in Canada.



Charity Registration Number: #863628707RR0001
PO Box 119
206 King Street West
Prescott. ON
K0E 1T0



Different ways to give a legacy gift 



These are gifts made through an individual’s estate and receive a charitable tax credit that can offset any tax owing. A bequest gift may be for a fixed sum, a designated percentage or portion of the residue of the estate after other specific bequests have been distributed and your loved ones have been provided for. 


Life Insurance 

Giving a new or existing insurance policy allows you to make a gift with only a small annual or monthly outlay. In addition, there is a tax credit available for immediate tax relief, therefore you will not reduce your family’s share of your assets by this form of giving because you provide the funds through premium payments out of your current income. This type of gift also remains outside of your estate meaning that it will avoid probate fees. 


Named Endowments and Named Funds 

When a named endowment gift is created in support of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, the principal amount donated is kept for an established time frame and only the income generated from the gift will be spent on the priorities established by the donor. The principal amount donated to a named fund is drawn down to zero over a period of years. Please contact the Foundation if you wish to designate your gift towards specific programs, performances or educational initiatives. Any gift to the our Festival is meaningful and important to us and we would be pleased to provide the information and resources you need as you consider and create your gift. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can work with you to make your legacy a moment that helps us ensure the future of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival. Contact Ingrid  Bjornson in full confidence at or call 613 925 5788

Ways to Give
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"Supporters of the Shakespeare Festival have a date with politics at the pocketbook level in the not-too-distant future, a political debate on the merits of funding for the arts.


I hope I’ve made my case for the “Yes” side with the above, but when that debate starts, I’ll be back at the amphitheatre, not as a refuge but as to a battlement to be defended.”

Ron Zajak, Brockville Recorder & Times

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