Remembering Judith Caldwell


One of our greatest friends and supporters, JUDITH CALDWELL passed away on August 22, just four days after her family's sponsored evening of the final night of our festival.
She died at her beloved St. Lawrence riverside home surrounded by family members and her faithful dog, Brig. Judith was determined to attend the final performance
of the 2018 St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival August 18 which she accomplished.


From the beginning 16 years ago, she was one of the festival`s biggest fans and
staunchest financial supporters. Many among the 200-strong crowd that night realized it was likely Judith`s own final public appearance. As she waved a fond farewell, she received a standing ovation and was thanked for her devotion from the stage by our Artistic Director Richard Sheridan Williswhose young daughters presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Richard observed that, while he only knew Judith for about nine months, she was someone he could always turn to for advice:
"Her support made an invaluable contribution to the smooth transition of leadership at a difficult time and was a source of great comfort to me personally."
She was "a unique lady," the AD said, adding that he loved her company:
"She was generous, kind and intelligent. She gave of herself with her time, and not only for the festival. I will always look back with pleasure at her final magical night of the
Long-time festival board member and councillor  Fraser Laschinger said the whole town will feel Judith`s departure.


Photo by kind permission of Deanna Clark